GOLDIM spol. s r. o

is a family owned Czech food company with a tradition since 1992.

GOLDIM is a synonym for high quality, great taste and balanced nutritional value. We bring you the authenticity, creativity and determination to develop and produce balanced and healthy products as a commitment to our partners.

40 % of our production is produced under our trade marks. With our own development, marketing and distribution.

60 % of our production is developed and produced under the private labels of our customers.

We export to European countries, Asia as well as other markets based on concrete inquiry. We are able to produce all of our products under private labels, currently serving markets as Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Turkey, USA, Russia and Ukraine, Philippines among others.

GOLDIM’s fundamental principle is to produce all our products with only natural substances without using any preservatives, artificial colorants and flavorings.

All our products are developed and manufactured in two independent modern factories in beautiful surroundings in southern Bohemia.




Our product’s range includes:

  • infant formulas and baby cereals based on goat’s milk,
  • baby teas and instant beverages in organic quality,
  • instant beverages for babies in conventional quality,
  • ORS - oral rehydrating solutions for infants and adults,
  • food supplements, functional protein diets.


We guarantee quality!

Modern technology ensures the high quality of all our products, which also controls our own laboratory. The whole process starts from raw materials and continues to the final products.

GOLDIM is proud to note that one of our factory is registered with FDA and both our factories hold the certification: ORGANIC, Veterinary, HACCP.



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